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Visitation Policy

At Riverside Cottages, our Residents’ physical and mental well-being is our top priority. We firmly believe that the company of family and friends is crucial to having a healthy and happy lifestyle and we encourage frequent visits. However, we must be responsible if we are to ensure the health and safety of our beloved Residents.

In accordance with the No Patient Left Behind Act, Riverside Cottages has established the following visitation policy. Riverside Cottages will provide AHCA with a copy of the facility’s visitation policy upon request.


Riverside Cottages at the Shores will welcome visitors in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Orders, applicable CDC and AHCA regulations, and consistent with Riverside Cottages at the Shores operational and care policies. 


Riverside Cottages at the Shores allows visitation at all times and for all Residents as permitted under AHCA regulation. Riverside Cottages at the Shores will not restrict visitation without a reasonable clinical or safety cause. Per AHCA, there are no longer scenarios related to COVID-19 where visitation should be limited, except for certain situations when the visit is limited to being conducted in the Resident’s room. Therefore, Riverside Cottages at the Shores will facilitate in-person visitation consistent with the applicable AHCA regulation. While the Residents of Riverside Cottages at the Shores have the right to designate an essential caregiver, our liberal visitation policy makes it unnecessary to do so. 

**If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 including: (Cough, Sneezing, Fever, Muscle Aches or Weakness, Headache, Loss of Taste or Smell, Sore Throat, Congestion or Runny Nose, Nausea or Vomiting, or Diarrhea) Please reschedule your visit until your symptoms subside and you test negative for COVID-19.**

  • The Resident has a right to receive visitors of his or her choosing at the time of his or her choosing, subject to the Resident’s right to deny visitation when applicable, and in a manner that does not impose on the rights of another Resident. 
  • Riverside Cottages at the Shores acknowledges that there are still risks associated with visitation and COVID-19. However, the risks are reduced by adhering to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention.
  • There is no limit on the number or visitors that a Resident can have at one time, however visits should be conducted in a manner that adheres to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention and does not increase risk to other Residents.
    • Visitors must utilize the sign-in sheet at the front door and indicate which Residents they are visiting.
    • Visitors should read all education that Riverside Cottages at the Shores provides.
    • Physical distancing should be able to be maintained.
    • Visitors should limit movement in the facility and report directly to the Resident’s room or other visiting space. 
    • Visitors will wear proper PPE based on the current requirements of Riverside Cottages at the Shores.
      • During periods of substantial and high community transmission visitors should wear a mask and maintain physical distance.
  • Residents have the right to make choices about aspects of his or her life in the facility that are significant to the Resident. 
  • Visitors, Residents, or their representative will be made aware of the potential risk of visiting and necessary precautions related to COVID-19 in order to visit the Resident. However, if a visitor, Resident, or their representative is aware of the risks associated with visitation, and the visit occurs in a manner that does not place other Residents at risk (e.g., in the Resident’s room), the Resident will be allowed to receive visitors as he/she chooses. 
    • If a Resident’s roommate is unvaccinated or is immunocompromised (regardless of vaccination status), visits will not be conducted in the Resident’s room, if possible. 
    • If the health status of the Resident prohibits the Resident from leaving the room, then in-room visitation will be enabled while adhering to the core principles of infection prevention. 
    • Outdoor visitation is always encouraged 
      • This is the primary visitation method recommended if a visitor is not up to date with vaccination 
  • Education for visitors is provided by appropriate staff with our visitation policy and includes but is not limited to: 
    • Hand washing.
    • Proper use of PPE.
    • Infection Control Protocols per Resident need.

If the Resident is up to date with vaccinations (defined as having the original series of vaccines plus any additional doses that they are eligible for) they can choose to have close contact (including touch) with their visitor in accordance with the CDC’s “Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Healthcare Personnel During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic.” 

Unvaccinated Residents may also choose to have physical touch based on their preferences and needs, such as with support persons for individuals with disabilities and visitors participating in certain religious practices, including in end-of-life situations. 

  • In these situations, unvaccinated Residents (or their representative) and their visitors will be advised of the risks of physical contact prior to the visit. 
  • Visitors should also physically distance from other Residents and staff in the facility. 

While it is safer for visitors not to enter the facility during an outbreak, visitors will be allowed in the facility. 

  • Visitors will be made aware of the potential risk of visiting during an outbreak and must adhere to the core principles of infection prevention. 
  • If Residents or their representative would like to have a visit during an outbreak investigation, they will wear face coverings or masks during visits, regardless of vaccination status, and visits will occur in the Resident’s room. 
  • Number of visitors per Resident room will be limited during outbreak to enable proper distancing for infection control. 

While not recommended, Residents who are in quarantine can still receive visitors. 

  • Visits will occur in the Resident’s room.
  • Efforts will be made for Resident to wear a well-fitting facemask (as tolerated).
  • Visitors will be made aware of the potential risk of visiting, prior to the visit.
  • Visitors will be made aware of precautions necessary in order to visit the Resident, prior to the visit.
    • Riverside Cottages at the Shores will offer surgical mask or other appropriate PPE for the visit, if available.
  • Visitors will adhere to core principles of infection prevention during the visit 

Riverside Cottages at the Shores will permit Residents to leave the facility as they choose. 

  • Should a Resident choose to leave, the facility should remind the Resident and any individual accompanying the Resident to follow all recommended infection prevention practices including wearing a face covering or mask, physical distancing, and hand hygiene and to encourage those around them to do the same. 
  • Residents who leave the facility for 24 hours or longer will generally be managed as a new admission or readmission, as recommended by the CDC’s “Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Spread in Nursing Homes.” 

(Refer to Coronavirus Policy for instructions regarding a Resident’s return to the facility during COVID-19 Pandemic) 

Administration will: 

  • Ensure policy and procedure adherence occurs in both staff and visitors. 
  • Reserve the right to suspend visitation rights if necessary.
  • Remind families and visitors that visitation is specifically for visiting with the Resident. 
  • Screen all persons entering campus with the COVID-19 screening questionnaire 
    • Includes screen for signs and symptoms 
    • Includes question about recent exposure to COVID-19 
    • Includes question regarding recent recommendation to quarantine for COVID-19 
  • Ensure that a surgical mask to be worn during visitations.

Housekeeping will: 

  • Provide enhanced sanitation to high touch common areas 

All Staff will:

  • Observe visitor adherence to appropriate use of face masks, PPE, hand hygiene and physical distancing. 
  • Report to their supervisor immediately if a visitor fails to follow infection prevention and control requirements or other COVID-19 related rules of the facility after attempts to mitigate concerns.

To view the No Patient Left Behind Act in full click here.

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